Why Do Kittens Have Blue Eyes?

Cute Siamese kitten.Beautiful baby cat with blue eyes.Kitty sleeping on soft yellow pillow.Feline pet.Sweet furry friend.Mammal at home.Indoor and domestic animal.Pedigree. Why do kittens have blue eyes? Kittens are born with blue eyes because the melanin, which gives colour to the iris, is not present at birth. Once the eyelids open and the eyes are […]

Can You Catch Worms From Cats?

Yes, you can although they don’t develop in the same way, they would in your cat. Infection is more common in children than in adults. You will notice two phrases that are similar in this article: cutaneous larva migrans (CLM) and visceral larva migrans (VLM). CLM most commonly occurs with hookworms and VLM with roundworms. […]

Tips & Tricks For Beautiful Cat Photos

Natural light When taking photos of cats, good, natural light is one of the most important factors. Avoid using the flash if possible, but if you have to use a flash, try and take the photo at a slight angle, to avoid the dreaded red-eye. I also like to take photos in bright light because […]

Do Cats Have Chins?

Akshat yadav/Shutterstock Do cats have chins? Cats do not have chins, even our closest cousins, chimpanzees and gorillas don’t have chins, in fact, humans are the only animals with chins. However, the area below the lower lip is commonly referred to as the chin, even though it’s not technically correct. What is a chin? The […]