Stress in Cats

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Can Cats Eat Bones?

Can cats eat bones? The feeding of raw bones is a controversial topic for cat lovers as well as veterinarians. Some swear by feeding them; others consider it to be a risky practice and recommend avoiding bones altogether. In the wild, a cat would live on a diet of small rodents and birds. Almost all […]

What is the Cat Loaf?

What is the cat loaf? The cat loaf is a common position in which the cat sits with its paws tucked underneath the body and the tail wrapped around the side. The name comes from a shape that resembles a loaf of bread. When asked on the Cat-World Facebook group, other terms members used to […]

What Are Toe Beans?

What are toe beans? Toe beans are the soft paw pads located on the underside of the cat’s paws. The name toe beans relates to the similarity between the cat’s paws and jelly beans. The origins of the phrase toe beans is unknown, but cat lovers and internet users have been using this endearing term […]