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Dictionary of Cat Related Words

A Aby – Abyssinian cat.Agouti – The natural colouring between a tabby’s stripes.Ailurophile – A person who loves cats.Ailurophobe – Somebody who hates or fears cats.Alley cat – Domestic or mixed-breed cat who lives on the streets.Allogrooming – When a cat grooms another cat.Alter – A desexed male or female cat.Anestrus – The period between […]

What is a Pedigree or Purebred Cat?

What is a pedigree cat? A pedigree cat is a type of cat whose parents are the same breed and who is registered with a recognised cat association. Pedigree cats are bred to meet a specific physical characteristic outlined by a breed standard. The lineage of a pedigree cat is recorded on its pedigree. It […]

What Is A Tomcat?

A tomcat is a sexually mature entire (un-neutered) male cat. The name tomcat is derived from an eighteenth-century work of fiction titled The Life and Adventures of a Cat authored by Willoughby Mynors. The main character was Tom the Cat, a promiscuous male cat. Before the publication of The Life and Adventures of a Cat, […]

Why Do Cats Lick Each Other?

Mutual grooming (allogrooming) is a common behaviour among many species of animal in which one animal grooms the other. Allogrooming starts immediately after birth when the mother cat (queen) chews the umbilical cord, licks her kittens to stimulate breathing and dry them, then eats the placenta. The mother continues to groom her kittens for several […]

Do Cats Sweat?

Do cats sweat? Yes, but unlike humans who have sweat glands all over the body, cats only sweat through their paws and nose. These glands are known as eccrine glands. Due to the small number of sweat glands and the location, sweating does not play a significant role in thermoregulation in cats. On scorching days […]

Water Bowls For Cats

There are as many different types of water bowls available for cats as there are, well, cats.  Plastic, metal and china.  Round, square, oval.  Deep or shallow?  Automatic refill or water fountain?  So many choices for what is a cat essential. Plastic bowls Plastic is cheap and cheerful, they come in many colours, shapes, and […]

Human Foods Cats Can Eat

At a glance Cheddar or cottage cheese Fruit (remove seeds from apples and stone fruit) Cooked vegetables Yoghurt Cooked chicken, beef or lamb Baby food (without onion or garlic) Butter Tinned tuna (treat only) Eggs Cooked rice Cat food is always the best source of food for cats, it is nutritionally balanced and meets all […]