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Do Cats Have Chins?

Akshat yadav/Shutterstock Do cats have chins? Cats do not have chins, even our closest cousins, chimpanzees and gorillas don’t have chins, in fact, humans are the only animals with chins. However, the area below the lower lip is commonly referred to as the chin, even though it’s not technically correct. What is a chin? The […]

Dying Cat Stages: Our Vet Explains What Happens

  At a glance Each cat’s experience of dying is unique, and symptoms can vary depending on the underlying condition. Dying occurs in twophases, pre-active dying, which can last months or weeks and active dying (imminent death), which lasts 1-5 days. Active dying signs: Physical signs: noisy or labored breathing, decreased or absent appetite, ‘death […]

Should Cats Share A Food Bowl?

It is a common practice among multi-cat households to have several cats eat out of the same bowl. It’s not something I had thought about until I saw a recent article on feeding dogs from separate bowls. This made me asks if it was a better thing for cats, too. Obviously, one bowl is easy. […]

Pets and Immunocompromised People

The immune system is made up of several different cells, organs, and chemicals that protect us from invading organisms. Some people have a weak or absent immune system which may be transient, such as those undergoing treatment (for example, chemotherapy) or maturing (premature babies), or permanent, due to disease. This article looks at some diseases […]

Whiskers in Other Languages

Afrikaans Snorhare Albanian Mustaqe Amharic Wīsiki Arabic Shaer allihya Armenian Begher Azerbaijani Bığlar Bangla Kām̐ṭā Basque Biboteak Belarusian Vusy Bosnian Brkovi Bulgarian Mustatsi Burmese Parr sine mwhaayy Catalan Bigotis Cebuanu Mga bungot Chinese Jīng xū Croatian Brkovi Czech Vousky Danish Knurhår Dutch Bakkebaarden Esperanto Lipharojn Estonian Vurrud Filipino Mga balbas Finnish Viikset French Moustaches Galacian […]

How To Treat A Stressed Cat

We often think of stress as a human condition, but cats can be affected by stress too. Just like us, many factors can lead to stress in the cat; common causes include: Moving house Change in household dynamics — new baby, pet, a new partner, a partner leaving etc Change in the family schedule, such […]

Signs of Pregnancy in Cats

Signs of pregnancy at a glance 1 – 14 days Loss of appetite due to nausea or vomiting brought on by morning sickness 15 days – It may be possible for a veterinarian to feel the kittens with careful palpation 15 – 21 days – An ultrasound will be able to pick up the developing […]