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Cat Scent Glands: Location and Function

What are scent glands? Scent glands are specialised glands that produce semi-viscous secretions which contain odour messengers known as pheromones that impact the behaviour of cats around them. Most cat lovers have observed their cat rubbing against objects in the home and even against people. Rubbing deposits a chemical scent (pheromone) which relays a number […]

Cat Language – What Is Your Cat Telling You?

Communication is essential to all species of animal. It lets others around them know how they’re feeling, warns them of danger and is used to threaten or intimidate predators or aggressors.Cats have several ways they communicate with other animals as well as their human family. Language is just one of them; body language and smell […]

How High Can A Domestic Cat Jump?

Key facts How high can a cat jump? An adult cat can jump approximately five to six times its height (30 cm), so theaverage cat can jump 150 – 180 cm How far can a cat jump? The longest recorded cat jump belongs to Waffle the Warrior Cat who jumped 213.36 cm A cat’s ability […]

Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week

24th – 30th September is Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week, which highlights the plight of those pets who aren’t as adoptable younger and healthier pets. Most shelters are bursting at the seams with animals, and it is usually the cute puppies and kittens who find homes the quickest. But many less adoptable pets are […]