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How To Play With A Cat

Wand toy: The majority of mine have really enjoyed the wand-type toy with a feather on the end. You can swish it on the ground for them to stalk and pounce and then you can throw it in the air for the cat to attack. A similar toy is a peacock feather used a similar […]

Should I Breed My Cat?

Is the cat a purebred or mixed breed? If the cat is a moggy the answer is a definite no. Moggies are beautiful cats, come in all shapes and sizes and are just as special as purebred cats but the fact remains there are already thousands of mixed-breed cats who are euthanised in shelters every […]

Nine Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat

November is ‘Adopt a Senior Pet Month’ to highlight the low-adoption rates for senior cats. When choosing a new cat to adopt, many people overlook older cats in favour of cute kittens, and it is often assumed an older cat comes with baggage, but that is far from the truth, in most cases, the senior […]

Why Do Cats Have Slits in Their Ears?

Why do cats have slits in their ears? Medically known as a cutaneous marginal pouch, the slit that forms a pouch at the base of the outer edge of the ear is known as Henry’s pocket.  What is the function of Henry’s pocket? The exact function of Henry’s pocket is still unknown, but there are […]

Sense of Smell (Olfaction) in Cats

The sense of smell (olfaction) is one of the most important cat senses, providing information on pheromones (females in heat, territorial marking), dangers (predators, fire, spoiled food), taste and appetite. While dogs get all the credit for their sense of smell, but cats deserve recognition too. How does the sense of smell work? When a […]

Common Myths About Cats

If a cat urinates/defecates in the wrong spot, rub his nose in it Misguided owners think they are teaching the cat a lesson by rubbing a cat’s nose in his or her urine/feces and then placing the cat in the litter tray. This has the opposite result; a cat will start to associate punishment with […]

Cat Scratch Disease

About: Cat Scratch Disease (CSD) is a zoonotic infection caused by the bacterium Bartonella henselae that can be spread from cats to humans. Infection occurs via bite wounds or scratches from cats or other objects such as thorns and splinters.Symptoms (cats): Fever Swollen lymph nodes Muscle soreness Uveitis Symptoms (people): Lethargy Aching Loss of appetite […]

What is a Slonk Cat?

Yazkova/Shutterstock What is a slonk cat? A slonk cat is a long and slender cat and is essentially the opposite of the more widely used chonk, or overweight cat. As with most of these popular terms, it is hard to pinpoint the origins but the term is presumably a combination of slim or slender + […]

How Dirty Are A Cat’s Paws?

Every day your cat’s paws come into contact with the surrounding environment, which can transfer pathogens onto the paws as well as pathogens from the floor onto surfaces. But how dirty are a cat’s paws and how does this contamination occur in the first place? Organisms are living life forms that include parasites, protozoa, bacteria […]

History of Cat Breeds: Where Did Cat Breeds Come From?

The domestication of cats The domestic cat (Felis catus) is a remarkably successful species that occupy all contents with the exception of Antarctica. All domesticated cats are descendants of the African wildcat (Felis silvestris lybica), a small light brown tabby cat native to Africa and the Middle East. A symbiotic relationship developed between wild cats […]