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Why Don’t Cats Like Water?

Yesterday my daughter asked me the question “Why don’t cats like water?” Only cats can answer that question, and they’re not talking. What we do know is that certain large species of cat do in fact like water. Lions, tigers, jaguars and ocelots all enjoy a dip. Cats from cold climates would prefer to avoid […]

Environmental Enrichment For Cats

Key feline needs All cats need their basic needs to be met, which includes: Key resources: Sharing resources leads to frustration and can spill into inter-cat aggression as cats fight for scarce resources. Food and nutrition: Access to good-quality food and clean drinking water Toileting:  One litter tray per cat, plus one for the home, […]

Lion in Different Languages

Do you want to know what the word for lion or cub is in different languages? We cover an extensive list of countries and how they spell lion and cub. Lion Cub Afrikaans Leeu Welpie Albanian Luani Këlysh Amharic Anibesa Kabi Arabic Asad Alshabl Armenian Arryuts Dzaguk Azerbaijani Aslan Balası Bangla Sinha Paśuśābaka Basque Lehoia […]

Calico Cat Colours Explained

Calico cat colours Coat coats contain two pigments, phaeomelanin (red pigment) and eumelanin (black or brown pigment), these can further be split into colours depending on the shape of the pigment (round or oval) or the number and distribution of pigment granules. Black based: Black, brown (chocolate), cinnamon. Red based: Red (ginger). The recessive dilute […]

What is a Caliby Cat?

What is a caliby cat? A caliby cat is the coat coloration of a cat and is not a stand-alone breed.  Caliby cats have the coloration of a calico mixed with a tabby—typically areas of orange (red) and brown tabby with white. The name is a mix of calico + tabby = caliby. Most cat lovers are familiar […]