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Can Cats Eat Bones?

Can cats eat bones? The feeding of raw bones is a controversial topic for cat lovers as well as veterinarians. Some swear by feeding them; others consider it to be a risky practice and recommend avoiding bones altogether. In the wild, a cat would live on a diet of small rodents and birds. Almost all […]

What is a Dilute Calico Cat?

ilovechile-travel/Pixabay What is a dilute calico Cat? Also known as a muted calico, a dilute calico cat is a domestic cat with a tri-colour coat comprised of grey (blue) and cream along with areas of white. The muted grey and cream is caused by a single base deletion 1 bp in the melanophilin (MLPH) gene. […]

Cat Names – Male and Female Names For Cats

  Ace Abbey/Abby Adagio Adam Adele Aiko AJ Ajax Akela Albert Alfie Alfred Alice Amber Amos Angus Anna Annabelle Anastasia Angel Annie Apollo Archer Archie Ariel Aristophanes Aristotle Armani Artemis Ash Asia Astro Atticus Augusta Austin Ava Avalon Axel Azrael Badger Bailey Baldrick Balthazar Bandit Banshee Barney Bastet Bear Bella Bean Beanie Ben Benedict Bentley […]

What is a Torbie Cat?

IvayloKG/Shutterstock What is a torbie cat? Also known as a patched tabby, a torbie is a coat pattern made up of patches of red and brown tabby markings. The name is a combination of the terms tortoiseshell and tabby. This unusual coat pattern is found almost exclusively in female cats which makes it sex-linked. Every […]