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What Are Toe Beans?

What are toe beans? Toe beans are the soft paw pads located on the underside of the cat’s paws. The name toe beans relates to the similarity between the cat’s paws and jelly beans. The origins of the phrase toe beans is unknown, but cat lovers and internet users have been using this endearing term […]

Stress in Cats

Do cats get stressed? It may seem inconceivable to some but cats are prone to stress just like people. They can’t verbalise how they feel the way we can and suffer in silence. Naturally, it’s not a good situation to have a cat stressed and unhappy, no pet owner wants that for their cat. Short-term […]

Torbie vs Tortie Cat: What is the Difference?

ptksgc/Pixabay What is the difference between a torbie and a tortie cat? Also known as a patched tabby, torbie is a coat pattern made up of patches of red and brown tabby markings. The name is a combination of the terms tortoiseshell and tabby. A tortie (short for tortoiseshell) is made up of random patches […]

Where to Adopt a Cat

So you have decided to bring a new cat or kitten into your life. This is an exciting time for prospective cat owners, but what is the best place to get a cat or kitten? The answer depends on the type of cat you want. If you are looking for a pedigree (or purebred cat), […]

Separation Anxiety in Cats

What is separation anxiety? Separation anxiety is more commonly associated with dogs who by nature are pack animals. However, cats too can suffer from separation anxiety. This problem occurs in some cats when they have a particularly close bond with their owner. It may be the result of genetics and breed disposition or their individual […]

Black Siamese Cats – Is There Such A Breed?

Siamese cats are known for their long, slender body, stunning blue eyes, and their unique pointed coat pattern. The breed comes in several colors; the most common are seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac. Related: Siamese cat genetics All Siamese cats have an off-white, or cream body with darker color on the nose, ears, feet and […]

Cat World Records

Oldest living cat Scooter, a 30-year-old Siamese cat from Mansfield, Texas, has been named the world’s oldest cat. Scooter celebrated his 30th birthday on 26th March 2016. Edit: It would seem that just days after being named the world’s oldest cat, Scooter sadly passed away. September 2017 – Nutmeg, the world’s oldest cat, passed away […]