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Why Cats Love Catnip and Silver Vine

Catnip (Nepeta cataria) and silver vine (Actinidia polygama) are well known for their effects on cats. New research has found a link between these plants and a protective effect on these plants. Led by Masao Miyazaki, a biochemist and veterinary scientist at Japan’s Iwate University, researchers extracted the chemical responsible for the high in silver […]

Why Is My Cat Hiding?

Why is my cat hiding? There are several reasons your cat may hide, and this is behaviour the pet owner should be alert to. Some cats are naturally quite shy and prefer to remain out of the way. Pet owners can do their bit to try and bring out the confidence and trust in cats, […]

Cats With Blue Eyes

Blue-eyed cat breeds Balinese Birman Foreign white Himalayan Javanese Ojos Azules Ragdoll Siamese Snowshoe In addition to the cat breeds listed above, who only come with blue eyes, the breeds listed below can also have blue eyes depending on their coat colour/genetics: American Bobtail American Curl Bambino British Shorthair Cornish Rex Devon Rex Domestic shorthair […]

Why Do Kittens Have Blue Eyes?

Cute Siamese kitten.Beautiful baby cat with blue eyes.Kitty sleeping on soft yellow pillow.Feline pet.Sweet furry friend.Mammal at home.Indoor and domestic animal.Pedigree. Why do kittens have blue eyes? Kittens are born with blue eyes because the melanin, which gives colour to the iris, is not present at birth. Once the eyelids open and the eyes are […]

Why Do Cats Meow?

At a glance About: Meowing is a form of communication between cats and humans. Why do cats meow? Asking for something (food, open the door,attention) Pain Talking (greeting you, thanks for opening thedoor) Grieving Confusion Boredom Female cats in heat Sudden meowing: A normally quiet can become quite vocal when he or she is unwell, […]