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What is a Marmalade Cat?

What is a marmalade cat? Also known as ginger, orange or red, a marmalade cat is a cat whose fur is made up of a pale orange background and darker orange spots, stripes or swirls. All marmalade cats carry the tabby pattern, as the non-agouti gene responsible for solid coats such as black or brown […]

A to Z Listing of Black Cat Names

8 ball Abnus (ebony in Persian) Absinthe Ace Achromatic Ash Asher Aswad (black in Arabic)   Bagheerah Batman Beetle Binx Blackberry Blackie Blackjack Black Magic Bruno   Cajun Prince Carbon Caviar Ceara Char Charcoal Cheusi (black in Swahili) Ciara (kee-a-ra) Cierra   Daeg (black haired, Irish) Damian Darby Darth Dowan (black, Irish) Dubh (dark, Irish) […]

Cat Litter – Finding The Right Type

Choosing the right cat litter Cat litter has changed so much in the past 20 or so years. I remember the days when you could only purchase the standard clay type litter. There’s a whole range of different types now, each with its pros and cons. Clay litter This is the first type of cat […]

Cat First Aid Kit – What You Need

Every cat carer should be prepared and have a first aid kit on hand for emergencies. Having a few basic items on hand will enable you to treat minor problems at home, or in an emergency, provide basic life-saving care until you get to your veterinarian’s office. It is a good idea to have a […]

Why Do Cats Scratch Around Their Food Bowl?

Why do cats dig and scratch around their food bowl? Scratching around the food bowl is a common behaviour in cats which is completely normal. Wild cats, as well as feral cats, have all been observed burying any uneaten food to avoid attracting predators or scavengers. Another theory is that as cats in the wild […]

What Is A Stray Cat?

What is a stray cat? A stray cat is a domestic cat who once had a home, but is now homeless either having been abandoned by his former owners or getting lost.  Stray cats survive by scavenging for food or hunting the local wildlife. It’s a hard existence for them as they are exposed to […]

How To Safely Break Up A Cat Fight

A cat fight can develop between cats who share a home (inter-cat aggression) or between cats outside squabbling over territory or females. Two (or more) cats fighting can be an alarming sight and one which has the potential to cause injury to the fighting cats as well as well-meaning people who try to break up […]

Can a Cat’s Coat Change Colour?

At birth, most kittens are born with the coat colour they will keep for life, but there are some exceptions to this rule. Colour changes can occur for a variety of reasons including nutritional deficiencies, genetics, autoimmune disorders and the natural ageing process in middle-aged to senior cats. Himalayan gene Pointed cats such as the […]

Cat and Kitten in Different Languages

“Chat.” “Neko.” “Köttur.” No matter how you say it, cats are one of the world’s most beloved creatures! In fact, over 370 million cats are kept as pets globally. From the hot, dry outback of Australia to the cold northern forests of Canada (and every country in between) felines live happily alongside their human companions. […]