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Sleeping With Cats – Is It Safe?

Is it safe to sleep with a cat? The majority of cat lovers I know share their bed with their feline companion. While non-cat-lovers balk at the idea, most cat owners love sharing their bed with their cat(s). In general, it is perfectly fine to sleep with your cat, but as they can pass on […]

How to Help a Scared Cat

What causes a cat to be scared? There are many reasons why a cat may be scared, it can suddenly develop in a usually friendly and laid back cat, or it can be its nature in general. Lack of human socialisation from kittenhood is a significant cause of fear towards humans. Individual personality (some cats […]

Veterinary Clinic Etiquette

Taking a pet to the veterinarian can be a stressful time for the pet as well as the pet owner. There are ways we can make the trip easier for our pet, ourselves, other pets and their owners and the veterinary staff. Check-in when you arrive As soon as you arrive, let the staff who […]

Nesting Behaviour in Cats

What is nesting? Nesting occurs in the days or weeks leading up to birth, many mammals engage in this behaviour, including humans and cats. When a cat begins to nest, she will seek out a dark, quiet spot in which she feels comfortable birthing and raising her kittens. What are the signs of nesting in […]

What to Do If a Cat Dies at Home?

At a glance Determine if the cat has passed away (check pupils, pulse, breathing) Contact your veterinarian Store the body in a cool location Consider letting children and pets see the body (if it is non-infectious) Decide what to do with the remains (burial or cremation) Notify the council, veterinarian and pet insurance company that […]

Why are Purebred Cats so Expensive?

At a glance Purchase of breeding cat(s) Stud fees or costs associated with setting up and maintaining a stud house Cat council registrations (such as with CFA, TICA, GCCFV, QFA etc.) Kitten registrations Veterinary costs (general care such as pre and post-pregnancy visits, annual health checks, vaccinations, and emergency care) Genetic health tests Health screens […]