200+ Hebrew Cat Names: Male and Female

Hebrew cat names and meanings for male and female cats. Are you looking for a unique vintage name for a new cat? We have collated a list of Hebrew names.




Aapeli Breath Male
Aapo Father of many Male
Aaron Strong Male
Abarrane Mother of many Female
Abbey Intelligent and beautiful Female
Abbott Father Male
Abel Breathing Male
Abela Breathing Female
Abijah God is my father Male
Abilene Born where the grass grows Female
Abner My father is luminous Male
Abraham Father of many nations Male
Abramson Abraham’s son Male
Achim Constructed by God Male
Acke Peace of the father Male
Adabelle From the beautiful scenery Female
Adam Man, son of the red earth Male
Adin Delicate Male
Adinah Lean and subtle Female
Adlai Ornament of God Male
Adnah Pleasure Male
Adon God or Lord Male
Adriel Follower of God Male
Ailsa Joy Female
Alizah Joy Female
Alvan Friend of the elves Male
Amari Eternal Female
Amaris Given by God Female
Amir Prince Male
Amos Bearer of burden, carried by God Male
Anais Grace Female
Anna Grace Female
Anika Gracious Female
Ardath Blooming field Female
Aria Song or melody, lion Female
Ari Lion of God Male
Ariel God’s lion Unisex
Arnon Roaring stream Male
Asa Healer Male
Asher Blessed Male
Ava Living and breathing Female
Axel Peace of the father Male
Ayla Oak tree, halo, moonlight Female
Azriel God is my help Male
Babette Promise of God Female
Barak Lightning Male
Barney Strong as a bear Male
Bart Rich in land Male
Benjamin Son of the right hand Male
Betty The lord is my God Female
Brahm Father of many Male
Brielle God’s bravest woman Female
Buffy Promise of God Female
Caleb Devotion to God Male
Cane Brought in Male
Carmel Garden of God Female
Coby Following after Male
Cohen Priest Male
Dacey Adored Male
Daniel God is my judge Male
Dara Mercy Male
Daya Hunted bird Female
Delilah Delicate Female
Diego Doctrine Male
Dijon Gracious God Male
Dinah Avenged one Female
Diza Joyous Female
Doron Gift Male
Duci Woman from Magdala Female
Duriel My dwelling place is heaven Male
Eden A place of pleasure Female
Efron Bird Male
Eilam Eternal Male
Eldad Favoured by God Male
Eli Descended Male
Elijah Yahweh is God Male
Eliot Lord is my God Male
Eliza Pledged to God Female
Elizabeth Pledged to God Female
Elza God is my joy Female
Emmanuel God is with us Male
Emmett Universal Male
Etan Strong Male
Ethan Strong Male
Eva Life Female
Evie Life Female
Ezekiel God strengthens Male
Ezra Help Male
Gabriel God is my strength Male
Gali Wave Female
Gallio Milky Male
Gideon One who cuts down Male
Gila Joy of the lord Female
Hagar Flight Female
Hanan Graciousness Male
Hannah Grace Female
Ira Watchful one Female
Isabella Pledged to God Female
Isaiah Salvation of the lord Male
James Supplanter Male
Jacob Supplanter Male
Jadon God has heard Female
Jake Supplanter Male
Jeremiah Appointed by God Male
Jesse Gift Male
Joby Persecuted Female
Jody Jehovah increases Female
Joel Jehovah is his God Male
Joella Jehovah is his God Female
Joëlle Jehovah is his God Female
Jonah Dove Male
Jora Autumn rain Female
Jordan Flowing down Male
Jordana Flowing down Female
Joshua The lord is my salvation Male
Josiah God supports Male
Judas Praised Male
Kayla Laurel, crown Female
Keren Strength Female
Keziah Cassia tree Female
Kiriah Village Female
Leah Weary Female
Levi Attached Male
Libi My heart Female
Lilah Night Female
Lior I have a light Male
Machi Decrease Male
Madeline Woman from Magdala Female
Magda Woman from Magdala Female
Malachi My messenger Male
Malka Queen Female
Mara Bitter Female
Mariah The lord is my teacher Female
Matthew Gift of God Male
Maya Water Female
Mehira Swift, energetic Female
Micah Who is like the lord Male
Michal Brook Female
Molly Star of the sea
Mordecai Follower of Marduk Male
Moselle Drawn from the water Female
Naomi Pleasantness Female
Nasia God’s miracle Female
Nathaniel Gift of God Male
Nazareth Hebrew place name Male
Neviah Forecaster Female
Nima Thread, margosa tree Female
Nimrod We shall rise up Male
Niria Plowed field Female
Nissa To test Female
Nissan Miracle Male
Niva Talk Female
Noa Motion Male
Noah Rest Male
Nuriel Light, fire of God Male
Omer Sheaf of corn Male
Oprah Young deer Female
Oren Laurel or pine tree Male
Orev Raven Male
Ozara Treasure Female
Ozni My hearing Male
Pazel Peace Male
Pella Marvel of God Female
Penina Pearl Female
Peri Mountain dweller Male
Phineas The Nubian Male
Pinchas Dark skinned Male
Rachel Ewe Female
Raffaella God heals Female
Rani My song, my joy Male
Raphael God has healed Male
Reba Fourth born Female
Rebecca To tie, bind Female
Reuben Behold, a son Male
Rosh Chief Male
Sabre Prickly pear Female
Sada Chaste Female
Sadie Princess Female
Samantha Told by God Female
Samuel Told by God Male
Sara Princess Female
Selah Praise Female
Seraphina Fiery Female
Seth Placed, appointed Male
Shalom Peace Female
Shem Name Male
Shiloh Tranquil Female
Shula Peace Female
Simi Diminutive of Simone Female
Simon Flat nosed Male
Solomon Peace Male
Talia Gentle dew from heaven Female
Talila Covering of dew Female
Thirza Delightful Male
Tira Small village Female
Tobias God is good Male
Tovi Good Male
Uzi Jehovah is my strength Male
Varda Rose, pink Female
Yada He knew Male
Yaffa Beautiful Female
Yovi Jehovah is his God Male
Zachary God has remembered Male
Zahava Gold Female
Zahavi Gold Male
Zamir Song, bird Male
Zara Blooming flower Female
Zariza Gold Female
Zaza Movement Female
Zebadiah God has bestowed Male
Zeke God strengthens Male
Zeév Wolf Male
Zephaniah God has bestowed Male
Zerah To arise Female
Zetta Olive Female
Zia Light Male
Zion Highest point Male
Zippora Bird Female
Ziv Brilliance Male
Ziza Splendour Female
Zohar Light Male
Zohara Light Female
Zvi Deer Male