Large Cat Breeds – 5 Largest Domestic Breeds

Largest cat breeds at a glance

  • Maine Coon
  • Ragdoll
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Siberian cat
  • British Shorthair

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a large, longhaired natural breed that originated in the United States. A fully grown Maine Coon can weigh as much as 10 kg (22 pounds), with a length ranging from 50-80 cm (19.6 – 31.4 inches) and is generally accepted as the largest domestic cat breed. Despite its size, the Maine Coon is a gentle giant who is loving, faithful and self-confident.

The Maine Coon comes in a range of colours and patterns.


The Ragdoll is a laid-back breed of cat, words used to describe the breed include docile, affectionate, intelligent, mild-mannered.

They come in three basic pattern types. Colourpoint, Mitted and Bi-Colour. There are four colours: Seal, Chocolate, Blue and Lilac.

Norwegian Forest cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is an affectionate, outgoing, good-natured and playful cat. They are known for their love of climbing.

They come in a range of colours other than colourpoint.

Siberian cat

Siberian Black Tiger with white male cat on a black background

A beautiful longhaired cat from Russia, the Siberian cat is said to have a dog-like temperament, are extremely affectionate, active and intelligent.

British Shorthair

The only shorthaired cat of the group, the British Shorthair is a good-natured, independent, calm, and affectionate cat. The British comes in a multitude of colours and patterns.

Other large breeds of cat:

  • Savannah – Still a rare cat and difficult to find a breeder.
  • Bengal – This stunning breed is a medium to large cat. As with most breeds, males are larger than females. There can be quite a difference in the size of Bengals.
  • Exotic Shorthair – A large, cobby breed with a round face and expressive eyes. They are laid back and quiet.
  • Birman – A beautiful longhaired pointed cat with blue eyes.